Sunday, October 31, 2004


I'm in my hometown of Iloilo City as of this time (yes, blogging away!) celebrating All Souls' day with the clan. Just came in from the beach (a three-hour bumpy and somewhat uneventful ride) which would have been fine except for the swelling and painfully annoying cold sore i have. (YARGH!)

It's ok though. I think this is a physical manifestation of the stress that i've been having since last week. My pimples have been popping like crazy, my mom says i look like a drowned cat and the person who gave me a massage last night said i had enough knots to make a Boy Scout proud. Sh*t. I am so stressed out!

I'm just happy i'm on this trip with Jason. :-)

+ + +

A couple of days ago i celebrated my birthday. It started out fine actually. I had a lovely breakfast courtesy of my sweetie, with a rainbow outside the window to top it off. It was really sweet, i mever had someone do that for me on my birthday before.

Then i went to work.

It was crazy. I had to do several projects that were all due TOMORROW, with the PR lady breathing down my neck and making my life a living hell by confusing the bosses even more. She felt the designs weren't creative enough. Yargh. Tough day. By thetime 5pm came in, i was almost THISCLOSE to just walking out. Anyway, it was good that they finally decided on what design to use. I went out a little later than i expected to get out (thankfully my boss was alerted that it was my birthday and he let me off the hook) and met up with Jason for some grocery shopping.

We had a few friends over for drinks to do a lil' celebrating, and i'm kinda glad it wasn't one of those really rowdy parties i used to throw. I was a little distracted with work, and Jason was under the weather anyway, so it was all good. Most of the people from Fullbright and IC came, but i was also happy that my friends managed to get out of their busy schedules to share some booze. (will post pics soon!)

Got some interesting gifts for my birthday --- chocolate, more cake and a fabulous gift from my sweetie at the end of the night as well as some chocolate cake with pink frosting.(awww!)

What can i say about my birthday? Amidst all that chaos, i am really glad ot celebrate it with the people i wanna celebrate it with. To those who came, thank you so much! It was really great seeing you again! Sa uulitin!!! (And i am glad to be 24) :-P

+ + +

Friday was hectic since we had to finish 50 POPs before 7pm (this involved a LOT of cutting, printing and arranging done single-handedly). Still had to pack for my trip though so, it was such a great relief when i was finally done with it that i celebrated by treating myself to some window shopping and a really nice haircut. hahhaa. That's a woman celebrating for you --- window shopping and getting a haircut from a really good stylist.

I am soooo happy that the weekend is here!!!

+ + +

Thursday, October 28, 2004


happy birthday to me... :-)

thanks to everybody who texted, called or just plain dropped by! :-) i ran out of load so i'm really sorry i wasn't able to text or call back!

+ + +

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

dilemma drama queen

My friend and I were discussing the dilemma dramas women go through in every relationship, and I ended up with more questions than answers. Just what is it about relationships that make people paranoid?

Don't get me wrong. I love my relationship right now. It's fun and exciting and yes, no big problems to deal with. (I can go on and on about how happy i am right now, but i guess you guys will end up throwing up). So perfect --- that it's scaring me shitless sometimes. While most people crave for a "perfect" realtionship, i am wary of it --- it sounds too much like a waiting period for the "big one", or as they say in some circles "sudden death".

Sex and The City's Carrie had cold feet when she entered the "perfect" relationship with Aidan --- everything was smooth sailing, no bumps whatsoever. Was it a desire for some drama in her life? or merely the case of paranoia over the whole "too good to be true" bit ? I fear sudden death of this relationship. I am deathly afraid that everything is perfect then one day it will just be gone, like a dream i will try to forget. Call me paranoid, but as much as i enjoy what i have, i am also afraid of it.

I cannot fathom a world without disappointments, worries or mere quirks that irks you up. It's this lack of "reality" that makes everything a little too surreal, a little too unbelievable. I'd like to think of it as "practice", so in case any more "reality issues" come up, you'd know what to say or do. Maybe this phase will come in later in the relationship. I always feel that drama makes you appreciate whatever reality you have because after some time it becomes a basis for comparison, a measure of sorts on what you want or don't want in your life.Call it a measure of discernment if you wish. Perhaps the drama in life adds to the reality that sets in.

This however, does not deter me from loving every minute of my time with my significant other. On the contrary. With the risk and the fear comes an exhilaration that brings a smile to my face and a warm glow (no kidding). I get the vibe and the love that yes, this is what i can expect, good or bad. If i come out unscathed or still in love, then good. So call me a drama queen if you wish.

sentimental sh*t

Is it the end of a beginning or vice versa? This day so far has been all about expiration --- from the tetra pack of milk i saw at the store earlier to my friend, who's leaving for Vietnam tomorrow. His last full day of existence in this place we call home --- yup, Paolo's leaving but doesn't really know when he'll be back.

It's bittersweet. My day is yet to start but already i am saddened by this fact. I am happy about him leaving for a good life, a better career elsewhere, but i can't help but feel sad that one more friend has left the country, one more barkada has gone out. Still, knowing the guy, i'm sure he'll be kicking everybody else's ass with his rockin' talent and showing off how much of a bad ass he is. hehhe.

Pao, hope you'll be happy. Bon voyage my friend! I know you'll do great in whatever it is you'll be doin. :-)

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

work mode kuno

So i'm back in the office after a weekend of bumming.

The weekend wasn't so bad as i thought it would be. After all, i had some time to relax, get a not-so-evident tanline and yep, bond with friends. Let's not forget the chance to ruminate on things (hahaha).

My sweetie got sick, unfortunately. The cold bug bit him on the last day of the trip and now he's down with a stuffed nose and a pounding headache (awww). Did my best to make him feel better by making him breakfast before i left (hope you feel better hon!) and tidying up the place a bit ( a futile attempt but an attempt nonetheless).

+ + +

Unforgettable highlights of my trip:

- market trippin' and 5 for P450 seafood lunches
- moonlight swimming
- biking trip
- happy hour at Bom Bom's
- walking along the beach and listening to crappy renditions of old classics (hehehe)
- SECX's dinner party
- the "ultimate" Ultimate Frisbee
- beach bummin'
- tagalog talk with Hiroshi, Hide and Ryu
- seein' my sweetie in snorkel gear (hehehe)

Ok, so there are a few more but these are the main things that come into mind. :-)

+ + +

Ok kids, it's two days before my birthday. For those who greeted me waaay ahead of time, thanks for remembering! (blame it on Friendster for the faulty birthday alarm!) This trip was an early birthday gift for me and yes, as much as i bitched about it on my previous post, i did enjoy myself. :-D Here's to the next interesting year of my life! Kampai!

+ + +

Saturday, October 23, 2004


I'm beachin'.

This entire weekend will be devoted to sun, surf(?) and sand! I'm here in a not-so-remote island in the Visayas and well, so far everything's peachy. I've stuffed myself with enough seafood and foodie goodies to properly declare myself a glutton and yup, walked and bummed the place. It's day two for now, and well, i'm... bored. Yup. I'm bored.

Ok, not entirely bored, just preoccupied, i guess. Yesterday was pretty jampacked with all the necessary arrangements i had to make for the trip. After all, it's not everyday that i get to do this and well, i am pretty excited. Kulang na lang i-pack ko na rin yung sarili ko sa bag ko dahil sa sobrang kati na umalis. The trip was uneventful, save for some air turbulence getting here.

So here i am, by myself, blogging. Hahaha. For some reason i miss blogging. It's been what, two days since i checked my mail? I feel totally lost here. I tell ya, i can never live on an island; i'd rather be in the city.

It's not that the company isn't good; it's been great actually. The whole crew is pretty interesting, and yes, you get to hear some very colorful stories from all sorts of people. Doing a group activity takes its toll on me pretty quick though. Most of the time you have got to be in sync with everybody and so far, it's good. When it comes to certain quirks though, i may not be that resilient as the rest.

+ + +

I woke up really early this morning to get some early swimming. I find myself alone, at the beach, taking in the cold yet amazingly wonderful water. It's a good way to wake up, and after a while, i head back to shower off the sand. Jason stops by and we head for the coffee place we promised we'd check out. After some breakfast we head out for more swimming.

*sigh* This is good. I wish i can stop time temporarily and enjoy this some more.

+ + +

I'm by myself for now since i'm too cheap to go where the group is going (i'm saving up so i can be here comfortably till we get back to the city). It's ok actually, i think this is good for me to be by myself for a while. Given the happenings in the past couple of days,the beach vibe and some alone time can give me some time to just chill and try to make sense of things...

+ + +

I feel aliented sometimes whenever i'm with the group because quite frankly, i know i can't totally relate to them since i've never been out of the country, never grew up anywhere but here, and may do so anytime soon. As much as i love their company and enjoy the stories and learn more stuff about other places, i sometimes feel inadequate in sharing anything since i've never been anywhere.

I really need to get out more.

+ + +

Being here, i feel a bit nostalgic, especially when i see places where we hung out once. There were certain times on this trip that i felt sad, and i wonder if this was something that happens on occassion...I find myself comparing and wondering now, especially since i have a lot of time to think. (bad, bad lette!) It doesn't help that since we're in a big group, Jays and I take pains not to be too mushy in front of the people. Now that we seem to travel in packs most of the time, the "alone time" is nil and well, it sucks not to be able to cuddle with your bf in such a nice place.

*sigh* Maybe this is just me being sentimentally shitty again. Or maybe i just need some luvin'. *sigh* It sucks to have a bf who does his best to keep things cool so everybody can enjoy and not get sick of the lovey-dovey couple. (phooey!)

+ + +

Ok, so i'm getting all sentimental and crappy again. My apologies. :-P I'm never used to the whole "we're together but we're not" vibe i'm getting this weekend, no matter how much i try to stay cool. Maybe this is just a phase. I really hope so.

For now i'm just glad there's connection.

+ + +

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Settling down?

A somewhat weird conversation with my significant other last night:

he: what do you feel like doing tonight?

me: dunno. what do you wanna do?

he: um, depends if you feel like going out.

me: so you wanna go out?

he: well, yeah if you're up to it. are you?

me: yeah, i guess. where we going?

(silence. a few discussions on where we can catch a few gigs)

he: are we settling? we rarely go out.

me: are we? (eyes widen) we should go out!

he: yeah, we should! ever since we became a couple, we've been hanging out less and less.

me: yeah. we should! so let's go!

he: nah, let's go tom. i do feel kinda tired.

(okey then.)

+ + +

I guess the exuberance of people prior to starting a relationship relationship dwindles a bit once the relationship starts. I mean, yup, i was going out A LOT before we hooked up, but as we got into our groove, the dates became more and more intimate, involving less and less people. Does that entails the sign "SETTLING DOWN" though? I mean, i can think of a few things which come to mind why we have "settled down" since the relationship started:

1)It's the honeymoon stage
Ok, since it's a blossoming thing, you can't help but try to spend as much time alone as you can. After all, this is the time where you get to know each other a lot more. Besides, people around you can only take so much mush (PDA is a crime to the heartbroken)

2)for some reason, you get swamped at work
With this newfound love comes the responsibilty of time mangement between your loved one and your career. I admit, i have been distracted a lot of times because of this, but nowadays work has been hectic so the whole idea of going out after say, overtime is a little too overwhelming. That's not to include however, a quick dinner or a cozy coffee date with him nearby ;-)

3)You just don't feel the urge to go out
All of a sudden, you feel the urge to "nest" in your home, cooking and watching DVDs. Going to Makati suddenly seems to be a monumental task, and the call of the couch is so much more inviting. Ahhh.

4)Money issues
Ok, the taxi flagdown has increased, food has been substantially expensive and yes, going out is fast making a hole in my pocket. It's not exactly a priority on my list, but i would like to think of less expensive ways to fully enjoy my time with my sweetie without having to burn some serious cash. Plus, this totally legitimates items #1 and #3. heheh.

+ + +

Still, with these reasons, i never really felt that we were "settling" down. At times i do wonder why we haven't gone out as much as i expected, but i also feel that Quality time alone is so much more fulfilling than spending a night in a crowded room and having to shout at each other for some conversation. Besides, i really think that everyday whould be spent in different ways, not necessarily always with other people or in a crowded room. Hmmm.

Oh god. Yup. We are settling down. Scratch that.

We are going out soon!!!

+ + +

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Reminiscing E'heads

Checking out the Paraluman articles over at Psychicpants' site linked me up to a site which had Eraserheads song lyrics. Ahh, the memories of high school and early college! It made me reach for my E'heads cds and just listen to them all afternoon. Listening to classics like Maling Akala, Waiting for the Bus and Hey Jay! was like reliving the past in your head --- random memories like:

1) me and my friends totally doing the groupie thing when the Eheads came to town.
So we were groupies, big deal :-P Actually, in those time,s it was. hehehe. My friends and i were pretty into the whole Eheads thing that we'd pester a friend's sister to let us watch them while they were being interviewed at the NU107 station. I never got ot go since i got sick (darn!), but i did have my Archie comic book signed (tape pa lang nun eh)

2) getting binked by a metal lighter at the Eheads concert (WTF!?)
Haydz and me were watching the concert when people started throwing stuff in the air. It started innocently enough --- empty water bottles, a few plastic glasses. Then, the crowd started being stupid and began throwing more stuff --- BONK! There i was, a bit startled from the excruciating pain that was making itself known by producing this HUGE bump on my head. GAWD!!!! The concert got cancelled because of the thrown beer bottle on stage, but we were able to get in touch with them since i got ---

3)my postcard from the Eheads
Yup, groupie me! hahaah (anton, i KNOW you are laughing your head off!) I was able to get their snail mail addy from another friend, and wrote them about the concert and what happened to me. I was totally blown aaway when i got a postcard from these guys, with Ely's "hope your bump's ok" scrawled at the back. This of course, was circulated throughout my entire batch.
Hmm. Wonder where that went to? I think i still have it with me somewhere...

4)Road trip with Haydz
Suffice to say that Haydz and I bonded over Eheads. One time i was hanging with her at her house, and we decided to go to the beach (which was 4 hours away). So i took the car (and the driver, because we were still in high school then) and we rode off to spend the day at the beach. The one and only tape in that car was Eheads' Cutterpillow, which kept us entertained to and back from the beach. We just kept turning it over once the side was done. The funny thing was, no matter how many times you listen to Waiting for the Bus, it still make syou wanna sing along.

5)Meeting the Eheads
So fast forward to college, when i was supposedly "over" the groupie thing. My friend Anton, whose dad managed the Eheads for sometime, invited me over for some merienda at their house (which was also a studio for their artists). Sure enough, i see them in the flesh --- and what do i do??? Stare at them like an freakin' idiot!! (Sheesh, nice move, Lette. You're totally in control. tsk.) Despite my obvious stricken state, they were nice enough to say hello, nod and go about their business.

6) Eheads performing at 70's Bistro
In the latter days of the Eheads, i got to watch them perform at 70's bostro, this nook along Anonas Avenue. It's been quite some time since they've performed here, but it's always good. That night they performed early hits from the first and 2nd albums, and even jammed with a couple of friends, covering Beatles and some more contemporary songs. It was awesome! And yes, i was once again the groupie who can never take her eyes off the stage.

Yup, those were the days. Hahaha. So in tribute, i post Eheads' Fine Time. I think this song captures everything i feel about the Eheads years.

Fine Time

I hope we could spend more time together
A few hours is better than never
If we could only make it longer
A whole day would be fine
A whole day would be fine
A whole day would be fine
A whole day would be fine
I think it's time to clean your car
I'm not home if someone calls
We could go out for a day
We could sing some songs we hate
Why not swim in someone's pool
Jump a crane 12 storeys high
Have a picnic in my room
Sit outside and watch the moo
We could drive in to the malls
Or stay home and watch TV
I don't care if we don't have lunch
Just as long as we have iced tea
I could take you to a film
Hunt for books and magazines
Is that new song out on sale
I think that dress is kinda pale
There are times when we disagree
My heart sings to the sea
I'm always anxious when we kiss on me
Please don't tire of understanding me
Being with you makes me feel so safe
I don't care if we go out of town
I don't care if we sleep all day
Basta't kayakap ka ay okey
A whole week would be fine
A whole month would be fine
A whole year would be fine
A decade would fine
A century would be fine
Fine, fine time (4x)
Forever would be fine. . .

The Secret's Out!


Just when i thought the iPod mini was it, here comes the coolest thing.


+ + +

Psychicpants' interesting taxi ride results to a higher flagdown price and some bad news for all non-commuters (argh!). Still on its pilot phase, the reactions have been unexpectedly resigned and non-violent (although more and more people have begun to rely on less expensive means of transportation,like buses and the MRT).

+ + +


Why is it that there are people who just make it their business to diss you in front of everybody? I came in the office and a few minutes later i'm being dissed for wearing a short-sleeved blouse in fornt of a superior. WTF!?! What is her fucking problem!??! Is it because she woke up this m orning and decided oh, maybe i'll pick on somebody today because my life is just so fucking boring!?! Or is it because she can't fit into a short-sleeved blouse because she looks like an beached whale (that frigggin' bitch of a whale!) Or maybe, just maybe, she's just that sort of woman!?!

Whatever. I did not deserve that, no matter how much she says it's a freakin' joke. Maybe i can just call he her fatty to her face too. And while we're at it, a psychotic lying bitch who's paranoid and eternally deluded into thinking she still looks like her old self (25 lbs. lighter and still body beautiful--- which she is NOT).

Argh. I need coffee.

+ + +

Monday, October 18, 2004

signs of the times

"Stop eeeet!!! don't make me GULOOOOO!!!"

That piercing shriek was enough to make me stop whatever the hell i was doing, look up and start laughing. I was in the middle of a grocery trip with Jason when i heard this annoying voice from another aisle. I couldn't believe it. Then i heard it again.

"Ano bah!!! Sabi nga, don't make me GULOOOOO!!!"

Yup, no mistaking it. It was a kid, probably an 8 or 9-year old kid arguing with her brother. WTF!!?!!!!

I thought the whole taglish phenomenon was limited to sosyal wannabes who have nothing to do but butcher two languages in one sitting.Instead i get this sweet looking kid who's doing that like it's her business to be that maarte.

PUTANGINA. What its the world coming to?

Shet. Pakshet na malagket.

I vow to myself that i will slap my kid silly (should i have one) if i even hear a slight ionclination from him/her to say something like that. Argh.


Originally uploaded by bunnie_lette.
hehe. college buddies reunited!

Of Adventures and Road Trips

Stuff that happened over the weekend...

I passed by the apartment for some stuff and proceeded over to Jason's place for some dinner. The guy is sooo darn sweet! He made me dinner!! Yep, ladies and gents, the man can cook, and cook VERY well :-D (Ok, start gagging if you have to, but i'm so darn happy he did such a sweet thing for me! hehehe) We did the whole picnic at his studio since he didn't have a table, which was so cute. Ok, suffice to say that i am totally lovin' the whole treatment :-)

+ + +

Ran a few errands on Saturday, so i was pretty much home in the afternoon. Sadly. i wasn't able to to go to my french class. (There goes my money..) Sheesh. Better time management is all i need, i think. I was able to get my laundry done though (hurrah!!) and i was able to clean my room. heheh. I'd still say it was a semi-productive weekend! Jason dropped by later and we proceeded to Malate for Tara's exhibit at the Penguin Cafe.

The trip going there turned out to be somewhat interesting. The cab we rode in was kinda sketchy to begin with, with the driver looking a little too peaked. By the time we got to Espana, the car broke down. Yup, there we were, stuck in the middle of the railroad tracks, amidst jeepneys and cars which wouldn't stop honking, at 7pm. Poor guy, he tried turning it on but the engine just died. Jason had to push the car out to the side since nobody would go down and help the driver push it to the side. :-S What a way to start the night. The second cab turned out to be okay but the guy was adamant to pass through the main roads for fear of getting confused and losing his way into Remedios Circle. Oh joy.

Turned out we were too early (the invite said 8pm, but people didn't start showing up until 9). It was still good though, i met Benjie Beljica, my old teacher and mentor in Art Class when i was about 7 or 8 years old. It's sooo good to see him again! :-) We talked about old times and caught up with what's been happening over coffee. God, it's been so long since i've seen him! He looks like he hasn't changed at all. To kill some time, we decided to check out Malate so we went around and hung out at SideBar Cafe for a drink. It was oktoberfest and thedrinks were just allover the place! :-)

The exhibit, which wa sa two-woman show, presented paintings by Tara and photos from Margaret, centered mainly images which depicted "near vouyeurism". Somehow the idea of seeing and being seen had been taken to a level that was mildly vouyeuristic yet titillating. Tara's reclining girl for example, was simplistic in its state, but from that angle she looked exotic, even scintillating. Or maybe it's just me. :-P

+ + +

Road trip! Jason and I decided to check out Alabang Town Center once and for all. After a somewhat small brunch we planned our commuting route getting there --- cab to the mrt, mrt ride to taft, cab or bus going to Alabang.Yup, it was road trippin' baby! But, as soon as we left the building, we hailed a cab whose driver was nice enough to bring us all the way there so we ended up just riding one mode of transportation. :-P heheh

Jason had the "WTF!?!" look on his face when he saw Alabang --- said it reminded him too much of Southern California. We checked out the stores before we headed out to look for some grub (i was really hungry!) Stopped by at Tower records to check out some cds, but it was either the stifling crowd or the hunger pangs that made me feel like throwing up and fainting. Took refuge on the heavenly smells of Mrs. Fields' cokies while downing in a bottle of water, Ahh. sweet scent of sweets!

Jason got to buy his shirt, and we got to chekcout the "sales" at the different stores. Had fun checking out the grocery stores though (I think that was the highlight of our day there) . Nway, we planned an impromptu dinner at the apartment so we decided to go home at 5pm to get back to QC early.

Yet another exciting adventure going home! :-P We couldn't get a cab anywhere in ATC that would charge us less than P500, so we decided to take a jeep to the Super Highway instead. We walked toward the other side, and i kinda missed having the whole feel of the streets --- it reminded me a lot when i was still living in Proj. 8 and i had to cross Munoz-EDSA just to go to UP. Ahh, this totally brings me back (hahaha) Nway, i was also midly amused on how Jason was taking it all in. He's a sport about it, which made me breathe a little easier. I'm kinda happy he's taking it all in stride. We managed to get a cab while waiting for a bus going to QC (all the buses looked either it was gonna breay down any minute, or the people looked ready to kill for money) At least it was a Sunday and the traffic wasn't so bad (we got back to QC in an hour,which was amazing!)

+ + +

We had dinner with Melissa at Jason's apartment (he cooked, of course) and we got to discuss the upcoming trip. Paolo was a bit late, but made up for it by having coffee with us afterwards at Seattle's. He finally got his car! I'm so happy for him! He was really saving up for it these past few months, and he looks pretty happy about it when we saw him. We had fun reminiscing about old games, toys and shows which we grew up with, and spent most of the night at SBC.

+ + +

On to other things.... still no news. I am patiently (?) it to come, i just hope that things will turn out well.*sigh* back to fixing my papers now. I hope my passport will turn up soon! :-S

Saturday, October 16, 2004

selling out?

I just sold my soul to the devil, i think.

Today was the oh-so-anticipated day of my working career. Yup, that's right, i've signed a contract, regularizing my work at the place i'm working at. Actually, this has been two months overdue, but heck, at least now i'm getting my fair share of the pie!

I have a strange agreement with the people i work for. Since i am employed in one of the companies they own, i only get a certain amount of benefits, but i work for three more companies they own with it. Since i'll be regularized, i'll have a slight (and i do mean SLIGHT) increase in my pay, but i'll be "absorbed" into the other company, which provides better benefits for their employees. Sounds good? well, it should since i'm working my ass off for four companies now (and i'm the only one for this particular task --- no help here!) Still, it's good to finally be recognized and given benefits after slaving off for 6 months. Now, if i can just hang on to my sanity and stay for another 6 months....

I guess all the bugging i've been doing at the HR dept. and my bosses have paid off, but the results may just be a little late--- since it's oayday today i don';t get to see the reflection of said transaction on my paycheck till next payday :-( Sigh... all those shoes and not one can be bought... *sigh*

+ + +

This has been a busy day actually. Amidst the contract signing, i had to run a few errands for my boss, like get some pictures developed. This owuld have been fun, 'cept that for today i decided to "dress up" and wear my nice shoes (a.k.a. hard to walk on) and skirt to work. Walking around for about 4 blocks in those heels and sweating under the hot sun was not exactly my idea of fun, but hey, it had ot be done. YARGH.

It was cool though, because i was able to get out of the office for a bit. My boss, since he had some stuff ot do, made me go to our Makati stores to check things out and deliver some stuff so that was fun too. It gave me a chance to check out the stiores and deal with themanagers, as well as get feedback and personal insights on what can be done for the stores.

Met Jason at CBTL-g3 after that. We watched Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, this CGI movie which had Jude Law,Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie in it. Pretty good CG, kinda lame plot (several scenes reminded me of several movies, which kinda made it stink in my book--- if the scenes in a movie start to look like a rip-off, it's NOT good) but it had a comic book appeal which i liked.

We had dinner at Banana Leaf Curry after that, and kinda checked out the shops in the G3 area. It's amazing what you can find in that place! I've been there a couple of times, but i still get entranced by all the things you can get there... for example, who would believe you can get a P150 blouse in Makati? :-P Was hoping to buy something for the Bora trip next weekend but ended up empty. Still, it wasn't a big loss.

We dropped by Balay Kalinaw for Lily's singing. She's amazing! Her voice is really good (ok, so she was a jazz singer before, but still!!) and she can draw a crowd so easily. :-) Great nightcap for a pretty long and exhausting day :-D

Thursday, October 14, 2004

weird cravings

For some bizaare reason i've been having food cravings at the strangest times.

Early today i was imagining fluffy scrambled eggs for breakfast. You know the ones you'd see at commercials where they'd get these impossibly perfect scrambled eggs fluffy and just piping hot from the pan? The ones that make your mouth water? The smell wafting through your nostrils it makes you just wanna grab a fork and start chowing down? The ones that go perfetly well with garlic rice, and a cup of coffee?

Yup, that's it. And i wanted it BAD.

So after getting some money from the ATM, Jason and i started the elusive search for the scrambled eggs. I was kinda late for work, but hell, the craving called to me, and i just HAD to have some before going to work! After a few futile searches, i was left to look for it myself since he had to go to work already. I ended up in McDonald's, where i had to curb my craving for a somewhat satisfying replacement of cheese omelette & garlic rice. *sigh*

This is weird. And almost scary.

+ + +

Paalam Maggie!

Now that i'm in the aftermath of last night, I feel really sad.

Today Maggie left for the States. Yup, she's on her way back to her hometown, after spending some time here in the Philippines. We spent the night with her till she had to leave for the airport around 3am.

We never really got to know each other that well until her 3rd or 4th month here. She was introduced to me by Lucy, who was hanging out with her during that time. Over some time we got to hang out and be good friends.She's pretty kewl, smart and yup, has a zany and fun attitude you can't help but like. Maggie and I probably bonded over bands and yosi, among other things. After bringing her to some of the local band gigs, she developed an interest on Sugarfree and Sandwich, which was totally cool. We'd also be hangin' out at the Bean, sippin' coffee (she developed a thing for the chai latte) and just chatting. One of the more memorable times i've had with her was the breakfast at the UP Hotel, where we hung out and talked. Yep, I'm definitely gonna miss that girl!

+ + +

So anyway, Jason, Melissa and I met up earlier for Maggie's gift. The dinner at Eastwood was gonna be at 830, so we decided to check out some of the stores in the area. Met up with Edel, then proceeded to hang out at her place until Maggie arrived. We had dinner at OJ's in this fabulous patio at the third floor filled with lotsa pillows and a low table. The food was great, and although it was just a few people, we had a great time. Maggie looked really good with her black top and really funky shoes! As a goodbye present from me and Jason, we got her a Sandwich album (i wanted to give her all the albums, but the store only had the latest one.Oh well.)

As a dare/tribute to Maggie, Edel entered us into this contest which was happening downstairs. It was pretty degrading actually --- we each had to dance in front of the people watching--- but it was fun, and yup, i guess we had a fun time trying not to laugh out loud at how ridiculous we all looked onstage (I think the only person who derived pleasure from all this was Jason, who was busy taking pics and lil' video clips of us). We did NOT drink enough alcohol to actually enjoy that! :-P

+ + +

Went to Xaymaca to hear Reggae Mistress play. Lucy came over with her guy in tow, who saw us and suddenly retreated back to his friends. Awww. More people from the IC crew showed up, and we got to hang out till 2am (or until Maggie had to leave for the airport). At the back of my mind, i still keep thinking i'll be seeing her again the next day, but it wasn't until after she was in the cab back to IC that it hit me: she's really leaving. :-( I really hope that we get to see each other soon.

Maggie, you rock girl! Here's to the endless cigraettes, the constant partying and the "lychee moments"; To the cellfone stories, the kewl conversations and constant "FRIENDS" marathons; To Oktoberfest and the "riot" scares", beer drinking and van rides, funny stories and encounters with George; To sleeping in and late breakfasts, and running in UP in the afternoons; I will always remember you as .... the girl who eats way too many tostitos at the party (heheh, joke!) I am so happy i got to know you! Wishing you the best... :-) We WILL meet again soon! ;-)

+ + +

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

wanton eating

i am craving like a maniac some good ole' chinese noodles. Not the instant pansit canton, the honmg kong style noodles which is tasty as hell and oh-so-yummy. Yup, North Park!!!! :-) The smell, the taste, it's enough to make me leave everything i'm doing right now.

These days all i seem to be doing is eating. It's not a bad thing, yknow. But as far as i am concerned, my so-called diet is shot, i'm gaining pounds by the second, and my grand plans of losing 15lbs. before my birthday is fast becoming a dream that can be achieved.... maybe never. *sigh*

mmm.... noodles.


Pillow Talk

I can't believe i still have that habit of talking in my sleep.

Apparently, i was conversing while sleeping, as my roomie laughingly reported early this morning. ARGH. :-P

I can't help but remember the episode in Friends where Chandler dates this girl who talks in her sleep. God. I do NOT want to be like her! Sheesh. Must do something about this.

+ + +

Finally met Jason's labmates last night. We met up at Vernelie's, at the end of Francisco St., Krus na Ligas, for a birthday celebration/despedida. Jason's labmate was going to Kentucky come friday, and Lot, the other girl, was celebrating her birthday. I was late, so i just had to meet Jason there.

The thing about Krus na Ligas is that the place resembles the ghetto with all its twists and turns and yep, really cramped spaces. It's actually a pretty good neighborhood, but under the blanket of darkness it resembles one of the scariest places in my head. Taking the pedicab to the place was an adventure of its own --- as we rode by the streets, i saw men drunkenly singing by the road while having their nth tagay of Tanduay, and kids running about with what looked to be really big stone (It could have easily been a ball, but hey, it was dark). And, we missed a couple of turns so after some time, i was close to freaking out. It was such a relief to finally see the signage of that place and hear the ruckus they were making ;-)

Jason briefly introduced me to his officemates, which turned out to be quite the characters. They were ranging from all varying ages, and were "cowboy" enough to get it on and sing (or dance, or whatever)! It was really cool, and they were really nice. They had this weird "knowing" look when they saw me though, which made me wonder just what it was that Jason was circulating about me...hmmm. So there we were, eating the lovely food, listening to the people singing their hearts out at the karaoke machine, and checking out the lap dances the guys had for the celebrants. heheh :-P

+ + +

Maggie and Melissa texted us to come over to Makati to join them at Havana. They attended a fashion show which was happening at the Expo Exchange, but since it was too far (and yep, we were kinda tipsy from all the free booze) we decided not to go. Too bad though,i mean, i wouldn't have minded going all the awy to Makati, but i felt really tired and was going through a guilt trip about the stuff i needed to do at home (yes, i bring work home sometimes). Argh. Sorry Maggie!

+ + +

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


keep still upon my heart

i wish for you to remain near me

you flutter fast and oh so sweet

your breath intoxicates me

our gazes locked in a heartbeat

and i look in awe and wonder

how can our worlds meet

amidst everything?

+ + +

I wonder often if you can see yourself the way i see you.

You'd be surprised how much one can feel for someone...

+ + +

Margherita pizza will always remind me of our dinner date. I love your thoughtfulness.

I love the way you look when you're thinking.

You smell of freshly laundered clothes and butterscotch.

I love how your hair is so soft and ruffled, so mantter how many times you try to tame it.

I can stare at you for hours and not care.

I love holding your hand and having your fingers intertwine with mine while we walk.

I adore your smile. It makes me melt every single time.

Tarot card of the Day

The Hermit symbolizes inner wisdom and truth. It also represents the exchanging of wise counsel, openness to others, and the need for patience and reflection when coming to conclusions. Because you've already learned many of life's lessons, you have the ability to turn inward in your search for an answer.

+ + +


Gonna be havin' lunch with my sweetie today. :-D yey!

(yup, ganun ako kababaw!)

Monday, October 11, 2004

blog hopping around

ok, salamat kay Berger at napadpad ako dito sa blog naito.

Ano ba naman yan!!!?!!! Gosh, it's so nakakainis!

+ + +

This one's comments made me laugh out loud :-) winner!

+ + +

Clang was kind enough to post this at his blog. It's helluva fun!

+ + +

The man of Steel is no more.
:-( *sigh* I had the biggest crush on him back then.

+ + +


One of the many reasons why i watch asian films (and i'm looking forward to The House of flying Daggers):

+ + +

time machine

I was cleaning my apartment last Saturday and came across a magnet pic of my ex and me which was hidden underneath the piles of pics on the refrigerator top. Looking at it, i reminisced the time that was taken and how it felt to be with him. Somehow, even with all the closure, a wave of sadness came over me. How is it that something so wonderful can end so easily and so suddenly? It wasn't like it was anybody's fault to begin with. Does the feeling die so quickly for some people? I can't help but be a little irked that i got so caught up so quickly by just looking at it though. :-P

Fast forward to yesterday. Had my first picture taken with Jason at the foto-me booth in Megamall. It was quite an experience, considering how many times we had it done over :-P It turned out pretty great though :-) I look at it and see myself reliving the moments, and get caught up with remembering. (Anybody can see my silly smile now)

Seeing pictures of yourself feels like being in a time machine. A physical representation of your memory is preserved, and just by looking at them you are transported back into the memory of what once was, good or bad.

+ + +

12 hours ago

had dinner at TJ's Morato with Melissa, Edel, Zaki, Kelvin and Jason. It was a goodbye dinner fro Kelvin who was going back to New York after about 3 years' worth of researching in Palawan (lucky him!) for his fullbright scholarship. He's pretty kewl, quite a guy. Since it was a sunday, hardly any people were around. Oh well, still it was pretty fun.

I quite envy their life, actually. I mean, travelling around the world for research doesn't so bad at all! It's even better when someone else pays for your expenses and you get to meet a lot of new people, see a lot of new faces, experience new things. Perhaps someday i too can do all those things. For now, I'm more and more convinced to get out of this place and seek out new things. Someday...

Anyway, we checked out Ice Monster afterwards, and convinced Zaki (and a few skeptics) on the goodness of its creamy and tasteful treats (it proved to have good results and a new set of followers, hehhee), before heading out to Big Sky Mind.

The place was jammin' by the time we got there. It being a sunday, i was expecting the place to be deserted. Turned otu to be electric guitar night (sweet!) and the place was packed with jammers and guitarists of all kinds of bands. Nix Puno was the gallery's exhibitionist, so we got to see some pretty interesting illustrations on pinoy games. Maggie came over to join us, and we pretty much smoked and drank all night. hehehe.

Jason and Zaki got into this whole reminiscing mode, talking about Middle school competitions and the awards they've won throughout middle and high school. Soon everybody was sharing their "stereotypical geek" stories, from taking summer music lessons to entering interstate competitions. Yup, these guys were pretty competitive! :-P heheh. Reminded me a lot about myself when i was young (yup, i was the bratty girl who thought she alone can change the world) It's fascinating though, to find out that what you thought to be the complex only you had was also shared by other people (in this case, nerdy brainiacs who had a thing for competition) :-P

The evening ended quite well, and Maggie, Melissa Jason and I shared a cab home. Ithink the whole night was made a lot more interesting going back home. We had the misfortune to get a cab with a somewhat sketchy driver (he looked and drove like he was stoned) and an equally sketchy cab. True enough, his engine died on us while we were on the way to UP. We had to take another cab whose driver was hard of hearing and presumably stoned too (he kept on insisting that we go to Libis, when we specifically screamed at his ear KATIPUNAN PO!!!) Oh well. Melissa, Jason and I had to keep ourselves from laughing out loud all the way to Katipunan. At least we didn't get into an accident.

Some night! :-P

Oh, got to purchase a Radioactive album! whoo-hoo! :-) Am so psyched about my purchase :-D

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Oktoberfest weekend

Ok, the weekend started with some pretty happening things, like an earthquake amidst Oktoberfest.

Yup, at a 6.2 intensity, the whole metro manila was shakin' for about 30 seconds, pretty long for something like that, i think. Maggie, Melissa, Lucee and i were at the SM north Parking lot enjoying the Oktoberfest when people got rowdy and started throwing beer. It was literally raining alcohol. Oh fuck.

We took refuge in the mall, ordering pizza at Pizza hut and getting some rest from all the chaos outside. BEfore we knew it, a deluge of policemen and mall security rushed towards the entrance. Hmm, guess more and more people were getting drunk and stupid. It was kinda disappointing since we were hoping to watch Sandwich play and by the looks of it, we may never see them. The show, as Anton texted me, was temporarily stopped to appease the drunken people. So much for fun.

Then, while we were enjoying our pizza, the whole place just started shaking. I first thought it was the alcohol getting to me. But hey, a glass of draft beer and i'm drunk!?! WTF!!?! It took us a couple of seconds to realize that yes, it was shaking,and yes, it was an earthquake. hahha.

Most people didn't really notice it, but we scrambled out of there and proceeded to Eastwood (ironically, that's in the fault line of M.M.) to meet up with the IC crew. There was a despedida happening for Sylvie, one of the IC peeps, and a birthday party for Martin (whom i never met before). Anyway, it was good to be there. Lotsa beer, and yup, i was able to fix the thing for Boracay with Zaki, as well as meet some more interesting Japanese friends.


Had my French class at CAL --- missed the previous lessons so i had a lot of catching up to do. Whew! :-P C'est deficil! But it was fun all the same. I guess i got a little distracted because Jason texted saying he was back from his trip and couldn't wait to see me. ;-)

Met up with Jason for a late late brunch at Chocolate Kiss (yey!!! he's back from Korea!) it's sooo good to see him again! :-) Bought him a book as a welcome home present and he was really sweet to give me cool earrings from Korea. :-D

We met up with some college friends at Greenbelt 3 later in the evening. Yup, the whole shebang --- Jason got to meet the "kadah" and i'm glad they got along well enough to ejoy the evening. He looks so good that night! :-) i'm really happy. hehehe


Which leads me here to Sunday, blogging away in the mall. He's checking mail while i'm blogging and chatting with friends through the net. We just came from Arista's birthday bash at Glico's (happenin'!) and got to hang with Haydee and her family. Arista looks so cute! and Pipay is growing up so fast!!! :-) Awwww.... Jugen is so lucky :-) Cutie kids!!!

Jason and I had this bizaare conversation about kids and marriage which totally came out of nowhere. I guess the whole atmosphere with kids and parents threw us off. He was literally sweating and i kinda felt sorry for him. I mean, geez, i'm not even thinking about that and he looked like he was gonna faint anytime soon. :-P I kinda feel bad for him, heheh. On second thought, maybe i did enjoy his discomfort a little bit :-P

Nways, enough blogging for now. Gonna check my mail.

Friday, October 08, 2004

What kind of girlfriend are you?

Laidback Lover

Carefree and easy-going — that's your approach to love and life. Above all, you respect your boyfriend's beliefs, choices, and ideals, making you a trustworthy and supportive force in his decisions. Caring and thoughtful when it comes to your actions, you expect the same in return.

Even if you spend every waking moment together, you want to feel like you have freedom and room to breathe. For you, it's important that you maintain your individuality so that you can continue to bring something unique to the relationship. After all, you gotta be you.

So which are you? Take the test.

+ + +

Fighting the dreaded head cold with some super spicy korean noodles and lotsa water, i am almost beat. Geez. I'm supposed to go to my doctor this afternoon, and already my eyes have been watering and getting really droopy. Argh. (I hate going to the doctor, they give me chills!) Nway, i still hafta, i mean, i booked the appointment and everything and besides, at least i get to rest. *sigh* Oh joy.

+ + +

I've seen stars fall from the sky, but people?

wow. Times have been a-changin'.

+ + +

I don't want to be political in my blog. I've been surfing around and blog-hopping for some time now, and i've noticed that one way or the other, people have been very political. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but i feel that with all the crap taht's been happening around you, wouldn't you want to be a little less political? Talkin' about crappy stuff in your life, or sweet sentimental shit, or just plain yabbering away about some nonsensical thing that caught your fancy is good. :-P Some misinterpret that as being shallow or just plain ditzy. I beg to disagree. This is MY outlet for my weird, insane, shallow,ditzy moments and you can kiss my sweet ass if you make one derogatory remark about it! :-P

you've got mail

The last thing i expected was an email from you. Seriously. I don't really know what to make of it. After all, my email was about closure and yes, given the number of months of not replying, i assumed that this will just be one of those letters one won't expect a reply from.

How wrong i was.

I'm glad to know you're better and doing so well. Actually, i did expect it, you making it big and all. You were always like that, very focused and determined in what you do. I actually dig that about you, and you were kinda an inspiration to me for that. ;-) But of course you knew that. hahha.

I hope that things do work out for you. I know i have faults on this too, and i am very sorry to have inflicted pain on you, intentionally or otherwise. You are very dear to me, and i want you to be happy. I hope that this first step is a sign that amidst everything, our friendship will remain. Anyone will be lucky to have you. I was lucky to have you. I just hope you know that.

Our friendship is important to me. After all, that's how we started out. Things have gotten weird with our past relationships, and i wish we can both get past that and work out the friendship thing. I know that yours is a voice i can listen to if i need sound advice, or make me smile. I hope i can do the same for you in your times of sadness and need.

Thank you for everything.

Good luck on life. I wish you the best in everything. Things go by so fast, like you said, but please, take the time to stop and relax, and enjoy. And be happy.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

I'm evil. sorta.

I am 60% evil.

I'm getting there. I haven't done all the damage I could do but I've done quite a bit. I'm just over the border into the Evil Zone.

Are you evil? find out at

+ + +

Havin' a helluva time here at the office though. I'm not exactly up to doing anything much these days. I feel weak and strangely sad, depressed most of the time. I've been racking my brains why i feel this way but end up empty. After all, i'm fine, my family and friends are ok, and nobody's dead. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME!!???!

I am wishing i can die right now. I feel like punching somebody.

This is the worst case of PMS in my entire life, i think.

My Sassy Girl!

This is the best part of the movie for me (aside from all the mushy sweet sentimental parts there was, hehhe).

Was sick yesterday so i pretty much cooped in the house. What to do? You guessed it, have a dvd marathon alongside my tea, blankets and pillows. Watched my sassy girl this korean film which had most of my friends swooning and raving about it. I got to borrow a copy (director's cut at that!) from psychicpants, so i went on and watched it.

Oh my GOD.

Ang Ganda! Now i know why these guys were saying i hafta watch it. The movie is really funny, and very sweet (Ok, mushy and sentimental too, kaya medyo iyak ako nga iyak for about a third of the time during the movie), and for some reason, made me think about relationship stuff. Uh-oh. My mushy weepy self is getting a beating from all the overwhelming emotions that's being stirred up. *sigh* After watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, you tend to wonder about fate and destiny, and whether love is an illusion or not. This movie made me rethink everythink i thought about. *sigh*

Now i'm actually afraid to watch it again.

+ + +

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


After work i got to meet up with Pika at Robinson's galleria for some good ole' ranting and browsing. Yup, it's been a while since i did that, but from what's been brewing in my head all day, i felt it was just the thing to do.

So there i was, waiting for Pika when i suddenly i decided to just go ahead and get my tongue pierced. See, I've been toying with the idea for some time now (i had it done before, but the darn thing closed) and i got it last time for my birthday (rather than get myself another tattoo). So went i did to look for a decent piercing place and i found one near the medical offices. Great!

The guy looked professional enough and thank GOD he was wearing the right equipment (new needles, surgicla gloves, etc.). He was pretty good with what he was doing (the thing took about 15 mins, tops). I was kinda surprised he didn't use a prong to hold my tongue in place! The pain was slightly excruciating, since he just up and stuck it in there, like it was nothing. There was this blinding flash of pain as it dawned on me that yes, my tongue was getting pierced, and yes, IT HURT!!!!

But after a bit, i was ok. I celebrated with a nice glass of fruit smoothie (lotsa ice and no cream!) Well, i'm pierced again and it feels pretty kewl. :-)

+ + +

Pika and i shared some time browsing for her white shirt and checking out the stores at Galleria, while ranting (excuse me, i was ranting). *sigh* i guess the whole day just took its toll on me. I feel kinda bad that we didn't get to really hang as much (i would have loved to sit down and chat with her more) but i was gonna meet MAggie at Ayala in a bit so we could catch Erin's exhibit, so off i was again.

Went over to Erin's exhibit at Saguijo cafe after. Yup, the show was fabulous! :-) Congrats girl! Yuma also got to perform (she and Pros, her partner, got to perform their dance) I feel such pleasure and immense pride to have such talented housemates!
Yey! It was also great to see some familiar faces at Saguijo --- most FA peeps were there! Kewl!

Maggie, Lucy and I went back to G3 to meet some of her football chickas. Apparently, it was a birthday party for someone, so the place was getting pretty packed. I wasn't exactly in the mood to mingle and be social, but i did enjoy myself. Maggie and i hung out while Lucy was doing the rounds, which was fine, since all i could talk about was Jason (sheesh, i really miss the guy!) and other relationship stuff. We headed down to CBTL for some chai latte and food, talking and just chillin'. Eventually had to go home since i wasn't feeling so well. It wasn't so bad. I mean, i had fun! Just wish i wasn't so darn tired. *sigh*

+ + +

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Ooh la la, he can slice up anytime! ;-)

Ok, never mind that Zatoichi rocked and was totally worth straining my eyes (the subtitles kinda made me squint, and with all the blood and gore happening, it's hard to concentrate) what really compelled me to keep my eyes glued to the screen was this guy. Tadanobo Asano who plays Hattori, the bodyguard, nearly steals the limelight from Beat Takeshi's blind samurai.

The film's often biting humor and excellently choreographed fighting scenes left me breathless the first time i saw it, and watching it again last night was no disappointment. From the nubile (and somewhat eerie) dance of the siblings to the fascinating, can't-keep-your-eyes-from-watching sword fights, Zatoichi is in the higher ups of my list for jap movies to see.

I first encountered Takeshi's work in Kikujiro this endearing and oftentimes funny story of a boy in search of his birth mother. Takeshi, who played the part of the bungling and hardly ideal companion in his quest, is a joy to watch, from his antics to his brash personality.

It's such a thrill to watch this movie and knowing that the same guy who played Kikujiro's character so well is also going to be working on this. Yup, after seeing this, Kill Bill will just have to do better.

lunchtime blahs

I am NOT a morning person.

I repeat, I am NOT.

My job has been great, and perhaps this rant may be a bit too much. But really, i feel that sometimes it is a little TOO much for me. The thing is, my work hours extend to 10 hours each day, starting at the ungodly hour of 9am. For some people, this may not be a bad thing, after all, most people start their day at this time. Thing is, we end at 7pm, and in my line of work, projects are usually given to me after lunch (nothing ever seems to be done before lunch anyway). That means extending hours (unpaid, i may add, since i have no overtime pay yet) and well, you know the cycle, the hours are just too much for a day. Normally i try not to let this bother me, even making it a point to be fast and efficient so i can cut time off my overtime. FACT: If needed and required i do go to work early (like if there's a deadline) and i do make my deadlines. Also, my superior assured me at the time when i was starting out that this was a "casual" company, that rules are merely "guidelines" and that we are output-oriented.

So, given that, most of the time these days, i am late, for about an hour or two, mainly because:

A) I am not a morning person and sleep late (4am is usually when i sleep).
B) My jobs start at 1pm usually and yup, they extend!

BUT, it has been called to my attention recently that i am always late and should be more efficient in coming to work. So, the whole "flexible time" theory was I mean, i don't get it. They don't pay you overtime yet they ask you to stay because you HAVE to, but they can't adjust to your timeframe because, hell, it's POLICY!??! Ok, this may be a company policy, but it sure sucks >:-X


Maybe i'm just bitchin' because of PMS,or whatever. But i still can't believe that this is such a big deal to them. As an individual, i like what i do and i do my best to meet deadlines, juggle 4 separate projects with similar deadlines and be upbeat about things. SHIT. This little "problem" they have is just waaay down my list right now. GAWD.

girl talk

In my week of being literally "unattached" (he had to go to Korea to meet up with his mom), i decided to bide some time just hanging and chilling with friends. Monday turned out to be Girls' night.

Met Pika, Ajo, Isao and Jaja after work (Kitty was a no-go since she and Larry had a dinner date) at The Coffee Bean. Quite a pleasant surprise too was seeing Ceres, a friend and schoolmate from college there too! We caught up with news (i haven't seen or hung out with these guys for a looong time!)

I really missed hanging out with these gals! It has been quite a while, due to work, some personal shit or just plain lack of time that we haven't been able to chill and just talk. We used to do that a lot in college and a few months after that, but eversince everybody started working well, things changed. Still, i am happy that amidst everything we remain friends and still get to do this once in a while. :-)

Maggie and Lucy soon texted me to come over to Starbiucks Katipunan, as they were chillin' there with Zaki, Hide and Christine. Great! I stopped over Jason's apartment to get some of my leftover stuff (a few clothes i needed to have laundered) and proceeded over to the coffee shop.

Turned out that the place was packed with students. *sigh* so much for space and comfort. I was doing some check-overs on the stores' collats anyway, so i managed to convince them to move over to SBC next door. Maggie and Lucy and I trekked over and plopped ourselves into a spot by the counter. Zaki and Christine soon came over, but i guess they were too caught up in their studies to chill and just talk, so most of the time it was just me, Maggie and Lucy chatting.

Had my fill of caffeine for the night, so Maggie and I called quits at around 11ish to watch Zatoichi at home. Lucy stayed behind for a bit, and we all met up at Ababu for some late-night chow (mmm, pita and hummus!)

Speaking of Ababu, it's amazing how that place can pack so many people at bizaare hours! When Maggie and I went there, the palce was empt�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

Monday, October 04, 2004

yup, i am THIS bored.

Converting 100+ pictures into gif files isn't exactly a fun thing to do, especially when you're lacking sleep and bored to tears in an airconditioned room. *sigh* Been blogging like crazy to fill up my time, as well as checked out all the sites and blogs that caught my interest. (hey, it's better than counting the hours before i get off work).

Read this entry from herb earlier about the happiness journal. Hmmm. Ok, here are my Top 5 happy things and thoughts for the day:

1) had a wonderful weekend
2) had coffee with Jason
3) got in early (a first in weeks!) for work
4) bought new shoes for half the price (whoo-hoo!)
5) got a nice text from my folks (mushy sentimental stuff --go figure)

+ + +

Psychicpants' take on Ate Shawee's movies are way kewl, as you can see >here. This one's even got a cameo from a legend. hehehe. I remember watching them with my mom (a true blue Sharonian) in wonder and amusement. Nowadays it's more of amusement. Yup, water dousing is sooo sosyal and such a sweet revenge. haha.

+ + +

The Luckiest

I don’t get many things right the first time
In fact, I am told that a lot
Now I know all the wrong turns, the stumbles and falls
Brought me here

And where was I before the day
That I first saw your lovely face?
Now I see it everyday
And I know

That I am
I am
I am
The luckiest

What if I’d been born fifty years before you
In a house on a street where you lived?
Maybe I’d be outside as you passed on your bike
Would I know?

And in a white sea of eyes
I see one pair that I recognize
And I know

That I am
I am
I am
The luckiest

I love you more than I have ever found a way to say to you

Next door there’s an old man who lived to his nineties
And one day passed away in his sleep
And his wife; she stayed for a couple of days
And passed away

I’m sorry, I know that’s a strange way to tell you that I know we belong
That I know

That I am
I am
I am
The luckiest

Ben Folds Five

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buy the 2005 calendar featuring one of my illustrations here. Quick quick quick!!! :-D

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Jolts, a collection of twisted poetry by Aurelio Lopez III (illustrated by moi) will be up for sale by november, so please check it out here.

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Eiga-Sai filmfest at Megamall, Ortigas Center starts this wednesday, oct. 6 2004, with shows starting at 2, 5 and 8pm. Free admission!!! Whoo-hoo! bring on the popcorn (blanket and other goodies an option).

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the long weekend


Met up with Jason after work at the Coffee Bean in Libis. He looks great! Maybe it's just the fact that i couldn't wait to see him ;-) Anyway, we went to Shopwise to buy stuff for his party. I can't imagine him to be a grocery store freak like i am (i absolutely adore grocery stores! Whenever i'm down or just bored, i shop or browse around the aisles --- it's very soothing, very zen, hehehhe) and it was fun checking out the place while buying items for the party.

While he bought some ice i hung out with Maggie, Adele and Melissa at Melissa's place. Jac and Mary, my friends from school, arrived soon and we got to start the party with some chips, a few drinks and some interesting conversations about Barbie :-P The IC crew soon arrived, and soon everybody was either drunk, drinking or getting there. Had fun meeting the crew (hirosh was a riot, Zaki and Jeremy had some funny antics going and the girls were dancing up a storm) I think i was too wasted to really care by the latter part of the party, 'cos i don't really remember most of it. But i had a great time, and yep, it's pretty kewl to finally meet and hang out with Jason's friends. tee-hee.

(pics comin' up soon!)

+ + +


Had to come by work to finish a project. Darn! i was looking forward to my French class that afternoon :-P Merde

Jason tagged along (awww, whatta sweetie!) and kept me company. Afterwards we hung out a bit, and he had his hair cut while i had my legs waxed (ouch!) at a nearby salon. (Typical afternoon in the household, hehehe) We decided to bide our time since Duane's bday bash wasn't until later, watching old episodes of Friends and having a nice dinner at Trellis'.

Duane's party was at Sonic's house at Blueridge, at the cliff. It's soo good to see the people again! Corinne and Ian were there, as were Jepoy and Keith. I didn't know the rest since most of them were Duane's friends from either work or school, but it was kewl and everybody was chillin' over pasta and beer.

Went home with a slight buzz in my head. :-) Awryt.

We watched Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, which was THE coolest movie i've seen so far. It was great, with lovely visuals and a great plot. It just left me sooo....sad. Yup, i can totally sympathize with Lucy crying after the movie, it left totally overwhelmed. I love the soundtrack too. hehehe

+ + +


chillin' for most of the day.

Had a nice evening adventure with Maggie and Jason though. We went to Makati for the elusive Indian resto that Maggie wanted to check out, but ended up going around and around Jupiter and Makati Avenue searching for it. Turns out that what were looking for wasn't even anywhere near that area (my friend texted me directions to another placve, it turned out). No matter. After some more searching, we ended up in North Park for some Salted Garlic squid and Lemon Chicken. Yum. Then, to add more fun, we decided to walk the entire three blocks from the resto to Greenbelt 3. Yup, at 10pm in the evening. Oh joy! :-D It was actually fun, but being the paranoid android that i am, i was kinda worried of us getting held up at gunpoint somewhere while walking. hahaha. Good thing we didn't have to encounter some shady people on the way there. heheh. Had a nightcap at The Coffee Bean (where else? heheh) with my soy mocha latte. Yummmy end to a kewl relaxed weekend. :-)

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Sunday, October 03, 2004

drunken masters

drunken masters
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sandwiched between Lucee and Maggie, post-party ride in a cab back to QC. hehehe.


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Still standing and sober! Jason and I hammin' it up for the cam after a party-filled evening with Maggie and Lucee

UCOB gals

UCOB gals
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It's been one party after another with these gals! So glad to be hangin' with Melissa, Maggie and Lucee.

Friday, October 01, 2004

anatomy of love and desire

anatomy of love and desire
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Yuma's Anatomy of Love and Desire was spectacular! It's such a stunning and moving performance, and yup, the theme wasn't so bad either.

We arrived late (I had some errands to run, and so did Jason, and by the time we got back to QC, we were just too tired to rush to the 8pm show) but were able to make it to the 10pm show.

Anatomy is the last of a series of exhibitions at the Green Papaya, this gallery along Maginhawa st., QC, which featured installations, cutting edge art and fast-rising artists. Exploring love, relationships and all the intimate blurs between, the dance performances totally captivated me as the dancers expressed themselves rawly, with fervent passion. Totally blew me away!

Now I kinda feel bad for skipping my dance lessons back in the day :-P heheh. Definitely worth the watch!

reggae nights

Ok, backtracking to what happened the past couple of days....

Had a pretty tense time last wednesday at work due to some unexpected results from a general meeting. Let's just say that thinsg will be a lot different in the next few days, and i may get my share of hard barista labor (seriously). Anyway, i was doubly nervous since i forgot my cellfone at Jason's, and being the techie dependent that i am, got easily distracted at work. Not that i had a lot to do... work was pretty slow, and most of the time i was just "looking busy" just so i wouldn't be a delinquent. *sigh* The perils of work... hahaha.

Went home earlier than expected, since i hitched a ride with Jo, an officemate. Sweet gurl! Found Maggie and Lucee at home after i dropped by Ababu for some pita bread and hummus. Maggie and I pigged out on the hummus and Pita, plus some of Jason's leftover salad. Yum!!! Tonight's gimmick was Xaymaca, and Reggae Mistress, Lucee's future band (awryt!) was playing.

Luce was kinda bummed and distracted, but as the evening progressed she was feelin' fine. We dropped by Conspiracy, this kewl hippie bar along Visayas Ave., whose main performer was the Hairy Dawgs (did i spell that right!?). Yup, brazilian night was rockin'! Although my ears took some beating (it was after all, a group composed of mostly drums), the beat was good and the band was such a fascinating thing to watch. We had a few beers, watched a couple of songs then proceeded to Xaymaca.

We got into the last few songs of RM's first set, which wasn't so bad. Hung out at the Jade dimsum place during the intermission, where all the "wytfolks" were --- the foreigners who were also checking the gig out were there, so it was like one giant congregation of westerners huddled with beer, loud Tenacious D music and a lotta drinkin. I could actually smell some good stuff being puffed somewhere in the area, but i wasn't too sure from whom it came from :-P hahaha. A member of the band who was hanging out got picked up by a guy with a gun for some reason, and that kinda freaked me out. I mean, geez! The guy stopped his car in the middle of the road and just proceeded to grab the other guy's collar, dragging him into the car while kepping his gun targeted to his side. We went into Xaymaca immediately after that in case hell breaks loose.

RM had a smashing second set, with Lucee totally nailing "No Woman No Cry" (yeah, girl!). Got acquainted with some germans who were obnoxiously loud (shouting does NOT constitute as talking!) and aggressive (one guy practically grabbed my ciggies and got one for himself) , but thankfully, got to stay in the corner by Jason's side and stay clear of their drunken loudness. They kept whistling, for some darn reason, and once called onstage, weren't too keen in going back down, even if their 15 mins of fame were up. Oh well, they were enjoying their last few days... hahaha. Jason and I left early, taking some QT for ourselves at his place, watching Dvds. *sigh* lovely end to a kewl evening!

+ + +

Friday I'm in Love...


tee-hee. i love the weekends!

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